High quality POP delivered on budget and in time for a big launch.

Bertolli booth header

“Time is Money” Benjamin Franklin

We got the call during an early morning a few months before the Oscars. Ogilvy&Mather had this great idea about putting video booths into malls where Bertolli (a Unilever company) customers could record their Bertolli food stories and then share them on social media and also participate in a competition for the best story.


The only problem was that something like this has never been attempted before especially in this short period of time with a hard deadline – they didn’t want to reschedule the Oscars. 🙂

But Kielbik is not a stranger to those types of projects and sees those as a challenge rather than a problem. So Kielbik went right to work doing some research and analysis and came up with an idea based on an existing system on the market for a modular office concept. A proposal was delivered the next day and work started shortly thereafter.

Kielbik developed a highly customized design which was approved after some fine tuning in record time. Engineering and production took about 2 weeks. The total time from concept to setup was about a month.

Bertolli booth pics

The project was delivered on-time, actually in record time against tight timelines AND on budget.

The winner of the selected video clip was actually placed in the professionally produced commercial for Bertolli at Warner Studios TV. Involved in this campaign was also the celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito.

The booth was launched across the country:

  • New York (at Time Warner Studios)
  • Los Angeles (during Oscars)
  • Las Vegas (The Strip)
  • Chicago (Water Tower)

Client quote:
“We have never worked before with a company as dedicated to success as Kielbik”

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