Our Motto: Do it right the first time!

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Don’t have time to do things right the first time? How much time and money do you have to do things over?

Even the US Army has that as a motto.

When we develop a display we adhere strictly to this motto. Even when clients have handed over a project to us last minute from some other agency that has run behind, was over budget or just was out of their depth engineering wise.

When you have a critical, high profile display project and want to be sure to get it delivered on time, on budget and on strategy then it is better to work with a company you can trust to deliver on time, on budget and on target.

The costs of not getting a project right the first time are just too high and too many. A few examples:

  • Fighting today’s fires prevents developing something greater for tomorrow
  • Costs of reworking the display or maybe even starting from scratch
  • Retailers not accepting the display in their stores
  • Lost sales due to the display not available for a new product launch
  • Display breakdowns in the store resulting in recalls or even lawsuits
  • Costly field assembly
  • Costly field maintenance

How do we make sure we do it right the first time?

We use virtual prototyping to keep the costs down, reduce lead times and make sure it works the first time without having to rework once the project is in manufacturing and the first units come out with some flaws. Debugging after the prototype is made or even when the first units are manufactured is a waste of money and time.

At Kielbik you interact and engage directly with subject matter expert making sure each project is done right the first time. This is what our clients get:

  • Setting clear and quantifiable objectives ensures a perfect project start
  • Planning ahead in detail each stage allows for a smooth working process
  • Involving clients in continuous feedback keeps the project on track
  • Using virtual prototyping (simulation in virtual space before prototyping) to test the display before it goes into production makes sure it works
  • Quality testing each production stage keeps the project on-time and on-budget

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