Create displays that deliver a strong return on investment.

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Display Performance

Most displays in-store do not deliver a positive return on investment for the brand. A typical large store has around 100 to 350 displays – 265 on average.

In an in-store eye tracking study performed for POPAI in 2014 the typical shopper only noticed on average 32 displays or 12% of the displays in their store.

Display performance varied widely. As more shoppers notice a display fewer actually purchase from it. The table below shows that very clearly. Displays that were only noticed by 8% of shoppers were purchased by 62% of those or 5% of all shoppers.

Some displays attracted attention of many shoppers (40%) but could not hold their attention or convert it into sales (only 2%). Some displays were noticed by few (8%) but could hold the attention and convert about two thirds of those into sales (62%). Some displays were in the middle. None had a consistent performance in all 3 areas:

Attract Attention – Hold Interest – Convert to Purchase

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Display Development

At Kielbik we design and develop displays that perform well on all 3 attributes. 1. Attract attention, 2. Hold attention by creating an interest and 3. Converting to purchase. We do this by analyzing and considering all key performance criteria in the display development:

Environment: channel, retailer, competition
In-store: location, communication, engineering (size, material)
Brand: objectives, brand equity

Some examples of our high performing displays:

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