Kielbik has a unique way of working ensuring the success of any display project.

Display ROI 1 According to Nielsen data 43% of display promotions lose money. At Kielbik we have made our mission to develop displays that provide a positive ROI.

How Displays are shopped

Displays need to attract attention – which is about the shopper noticing and evaluating a product offer – and then converting that attention into a purchasing behavior.

Shopping process

When developing a display this shopping process and its phases need to be taken into consideration. Some phases are done by the shopper on purpose but some are impulse driven – especially when it comes to displays which mostly try to influence the subconscious and impulse purchase decisions.

At Kielbik we consider the shopping process when developing displays. A display needs to create first awareness by breaking through in-store clutter. Once a display has the attention of a shopper which usually lasts a few milliseconds it has to ‘answer’ questions about relevance and lead through consideration to choice and purchase.

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