Bertolli Video Booth


  • A mobile photo booth to be set-up in shopping malls
  • Customers were invited to record inside their Bertolli food story
  • Developed for Bertolli/Unilever in cooperation with Ogilvy&Mather
  • Winner of the selected video clip was actually placed in the professionally produced commercial for Bertolli at Warner Studios TV
  • Involved in this campaign was also the celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito.
5 Case Study Portfolio 1 - Bertolli Installation
5 Case Study Portfolio 1 - Bertolli In-store


  • Totally unique never done before project
  • Highly customized and developed by Kielbik from concept to setup
  • Delivered on-time and in record time against tight timelines (they didn’t want to reschedule the Oscars)
  • Delivered on budget


  • Used existing on the market modular office system concept
  • Launched across the country
  • New York (at Time Warner Studios)
  • Los Angeles (during Oscars)
  • Las Vegas
  • Chicago (Water Tower)